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luni, iulie 16, 2007

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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So here we go...

Few words about my family here in UAE: me, my wife, my daughter (2 years old) and my father - in a short visit to the Emirates.

We all decided to go out and spend our last day of weekend somewhere in the city. I have been also scratching my head to come with an wonderful idea and/or addition to website.

So what I proposed? - to find out a place where I can write an article - this article -, to find a place where my child can play, to have some fun and last but not the least to find a good shopping place for ladies.

It is not a secret that I am living in Sharjah, and I hate the traffic. The first place I had in mind - Ajman City Centre - a short drive against the traffic, but no - this place in another story - we've got to Sahara Mall, in Sharjah, situated at the border with Dubai, in Al Khan area - hopefully I am not doing a mistake pointing these directions.

Since I have put my first step in the mall, I have been looking around to find a coffee bar, where I can sit, relax, write this story and publish it to the net. Yes, a hot spot was the definitive choice. It was the first time when I had to use the internet facilities outside my office, my house, or client premises.

Looking around, an iZone banner distracted my attention and I said: "This is the place. Here we'll gonna sit!". Few meters away, a representation for kids is taking place "Sahara goes X-treme". My father was delighted to get there with my daughter. My wife and me, went quickly there, to that place with a "hot spot" and have the afternoon coffee - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I know, it is late, but I am myself a "night bird".

I pulled out quickly my laptop, powered it up and searching for an available internet connection. My wife ordered for both of us. She knows my choice when I enter a coffee bar - cappuccino with cream. She ordered for herself a cappuccino with ice. Good taste (I have tasted my whife's one). I wished to cancel my first order and get an iced cappuccino, but it was already to late for this.

Familiar voices are going out from the next table - a group of Romanian girls are chatting between them - I will not say what, in fact I didn't pay to much attention to that, girls things, I guess. However, my wife joined them, making new friends. By the way, this is part of Dine in UAE philosophy, a restaurant is the place where people meet and make new friends.

Coming back to the internet hot spot subject, a prepaid card is AED15 per hour, Al Shamil subscribers pay AED6 per hour, provided they remember their usernames and passwords. Lucky me, I know them by heart! So it was easy to log in.

I wish to continue my story, but is almost 1hour since I have started it, my wife came back to me and share the rest of the evening with me. My daughter, my father might wait for us as well...

I hope all readers enjoyed this article. Others should come soon!

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